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Martin Clements is a big fan of the humble sausage and so, when he found that he was continually disappointed with what was available on the high street, he decided to make his own. Friends and family quickly asked for their own supply when they tasted them and a small business was born.

Martin has worked in the food-processing industry for many years and luckily had access to the equipment and expertise to put his enterprise on a more commercial footing but it is still currently a sideline. Every Friday he dons his gear and makes amazing sausages in his five-star rated facility in Northampton. By popular demand he has added more varieties and even makes some 'specials' to customer's requests.


Only the finest, locally sourced, ingredients are used. Martin uses only the best british pork - which he trims and prepares himself.

At this stage he personally delivers his fine sausages across the Northampton area each week or customers can pick them up. His growing success means that this may change and large orders may be shipped - ask Martin for details.

Order online via this website and follow OldSchoolSausages on Twitter for details of the specials each week.


Order online via this site and follow Old School Sausages on Facebook and Twitter for details of the specials every week
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